We design and develop a broad selection of precision calendar production equipment for the rubber and composite materials industries with innovative production technologies and precision characteristics.

We also provide a range of modular production equipment starting with pre-processing equipment such as mixers, mixing mills, and Intensive Mixers, all the way to the finishing/ train equipment. All equipment features the latest in automation high production efficiency, power saving, rigidity, safety, and easy maintenance; giving customers professional, high quality solutions.


Founded in 1954, Three spicalised factories to serve customer needs.

Since its establishment in 1954, HYMC has able to provide the equipment from traditional to precise high-tech industrial production needs, starts from R&D, producing to manufacturing & final assembling. Throughout the years, HYMC obtain abundant human and technical resources, & continues to cultivate in the field of machinery. HYMC is continuously innovating and developing high-performance, High-quality, advanced production equipment.

Professional, precision and innovation are the design concepts that drives HYMC R&D team, and aim at the highest quality to develop efficient and reliable technology. Keep pace with the times and Integrate with modern technology in various professional fields to create winning solutions for customers.

Our Products

Rubber Calendar Equipment

Rubber Calendar Equipment

Plastic and Rubber Mixing Equipment

Rubber Mixing Equipment

Why Pan Stone Europe?

Backed with extensive experience and product knowledge, we’re at the forefront of cutting edge machinery and technology and the go-to name for the polymer industry.


Global Reach

Based in the UK we have dedicated teams across Europe and beyond, providing outstanding support, products and service to our customers, wherever they happen to be.


Backed by years of experience in the polymer industry, we know the manufacturing process inside out. Our range of machinery offers the very best in design, performance and technology.


Our partners manufacture the very best, high quality, competitively priced injection, and compression moulding machines. As their dedicated agents, we work with companies on their behalf to help find the right machine at the right price.

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