For your complete peace of mind

Pan Stone engineers know our machines inside and out. We’re not content with selling the product – we want to make sure our machines are always fit for the job and operating at their very best.

Our dedicated team specialise in servicing and repair, helping to diagnose and fix any problems regardless of whether it is a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or software issue. We’ll also carry out independent testing, checking vital safety features such as light guards, scanners, emergency stop and hand control systems.

All work carried out by qualified and trained Pan Stone Technicians

  • Comprehensive 150-point service / safety checklist
  • Machine lubrication
  • Light guard testing
  • Thermo-regulator service
  • Heating circuit diagnostics
  • Oil condition testing
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Thermal imaging camera diagnostics
  • Vacuum pump service
  • Machine clean

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