Our C-frame injection moulding machines are compact, perfectly suited to produce specific rubber articles, including moulded part corners and small batches, and are available and ranging from 20 to 100t.


  • Upper ejector, bottom ejector and bottom old is allowed to shuttle out 70% for outside bottom ejector lifting up final parts.
  • Good working height and ideal accessibility and Injection possible from above or below
  • Idea for producing corner connections and smaller batches with easy to change rubber compound with no waste
  • Suitable for kinds of rubber compound, silicone rubber and Viton


  • Corner jointing for automotive door strip and various rubber parts


  • Precise shot volume
  • Fast and easy for mould change
  • Easy Operation
C Frame Rubber Injection FIFO

Clamping force (ton)

Injection volume (c.c.)

opening stroke mm

opening daylight mm

Heating plates standard (w x D)

15 50 300 350 430 X 250
30 100 300 350 400 x 300
50 200 300 350 450 x 300
80 250 300 350 450 x 350

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